Your HVAC Unit may have incurred damage from water or severe weather this winter, which may not be discovered until the summer heat strikes.

Summer Heat

Don’t leave your comfort
to chance this summer, call First Choice now for
a Seasonal Inspection
and Keep Your Cool!

An AC unit that operates inconsistently or inefficently can be costly, and could lead to malfunction or failure right when you need it most! Our experienced technicians will identify problems and give your AC unit a much-needed tune-up, so you’ll be ready for whatever the summer brings.

If your AC unit has sustained water or weather damage, now is the best time to replace it. Not only will you be prepared for high summer temperatures, but you can also take advantage of rock-bottom prices being offered during our:

Summer Clearance Sale

  • Low prices for repair or component replacement
  • Indoor and outdoor components available
  • High efficiency condensers available
  • For new and replacement installations only

This is a great opportunity to replace your broken
or malfunctioning AC unit and save money.

The Summer Clearance Sale
Ends July 1st, so act fast!

Call (888) 295-5829 to Schedule a Seasonal Inspection
of Your HVAC System BEFORE the Heat Strikes!

Our Values

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