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When it comes to heating your home, it’s important to choose a dependable boiler that will give you optimum fuel savings. The CHS boiler offers eight different sized models to match the heating requirements of the home. These boilers are modulating, condensing, stainless steel, wall mount boilers. With sizes ranging from 85,000- 399,000 Btu/hr inputs and modulation up to 5:1 turndown maximizes your fuel savings. They offer installation flexibility with options such as top or bottom supply and return connec- tions, top or bottom gas connections, vent runs of up to 150ft and five vent termination options.


Engineered to the highest of standards, the CHS Stainless Steel Fire Tube design Heat Exchanger can deliver up to 99% Thermal Efficiency, low-nox emissions and a fully modulating burner. It is the clear choice when choosing a boiler in today’s “Go Green” focused market.


The new CHS Boiler is yet another ex- ample of Slant/Fin’s goal of providing the very best heat exchanger de- signs and Condensing High Efficiency Boiler options to the industry. The CHS se- ries boiler is manufactured to the highest industry stan- dards. The ASME certified fire-tube exchanger is con- structed of stainless steel for better corrosion resistance. Each boiler is factory tested three ways to be sure of top performance. The CHS Boiler, combined with Slant/Fin’s industry leading Customer/ Technical Service departments, results in a sure fire winning choice.


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